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Affiliate Blog Writer

A 100% free theme for affiliate marketing webmasters. It supports publishing reviews easily with valid microdata and custom star rating graphics. It also has an about the blogger section in the sidebar where you can add your photo and a short bio if you would like to be a little personal.

Affiliate Blog Writer theme screenshot


About this theme

Featured images

The size of the featured image before uploading and setting it as the featured image should be at least 800x600px when using default large featured images. This is to give retina displays high-resolution images. If you use small featured images the image should be at least 400x300px. When resizing images WordPress will do so from the center of the images. Some of the data in the edges of the images might not be displayed if your images are not in the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Review Features

When adding the custom field “review_rating” to a post you basically transform it into a review with a star rating and valid microdata for search engines. Check it out for yourself with the Google test tool.

You can enter a value between 0 and 5 as the “review_rating”.

Note that the theme comes with 8 different star rating graphics freshly designed for this theme specifically.

[rating name=”Custom rating in content” rating=”3.24″]

You can also insert custom star ratings within the content of reviews, or in regular posts also. These are not being coded with microdata and are purely for your readers. They will not affect the overall rating that you have set with custom fields either. I could have chosen to set the overall rating based on an average for multiple ratings like some sites do it. But I believe that it is more useful and also more flexible to manually set the overall rating.

Call to Action Buttons

You can add a call to action button to every post that will be displayed beside the read more button on archive pages and at the bottom of the post on single post pages. Simply add a custom field with the name “cta_link” and “#your-link” as the value. You also need to add a custom field with the name “cta_text” and “You CTA Text” as the value. It defaults to “Buy here”.

The theme also has a sidebar that is suitable for a call to action button that will be displayed in the right sidebar on bigger screens and just below the site title and on the bottom of the page for mobile screens.

You can also add the button styles to any link by adding the classes “.blue-button”, “.green-button”, or “.gray-button”.

Misc Features

You can add FTC affiliate disclosures to a post by adding a custom field named “affiliate_notice” and value of “yes” to that post. You can set a custom notice to use within the customization options for the theme. You’ll find this setting under “Theme Settings”.

You can also set this notice to display on all posts by default. Then you can disable it for individual posts by setting the “affiliate_notice” custom field to “no”.

You need to write your custom notice in the setting field “Affiliate Notice” to display these notices.

Theme updates

Version 1.0 – Released April 21, 2019: Just finished the first version of this theme!