List of the 25 Best Affiliate Networks

Joining an affiliate network is a quick way to get access to lots of top affiliate programs all from the same dashboard. You can easily compare different offers and choose which ones to promote. Some networks specialize in one or a few categories and GEOs while others are global and have offers of all categories.

Notice: We earn commissions for referring affiliates to some of these affiliate programs.
1 FlexOffers Wide range of commission rates. 2-tier scheme.
FlexOffers is a huge affiliate network with a lot of programs for most GEOs. Once you are accepted to join the network you can browse all the programs by category or by using the advanced search function. Currently, there’s about 11,000 programs part of this network of which 3,700 are for the USA, 980 for... .
2 CJ Wide range of commission rates.
CJ is a huge affiliate network featuring offers by a lot of the world’s most well-known brands, including global superstars like TripAdvisor,, and Their publisher (affiliate) control panel is very modern and pleasant to the eyes. Easy to use also and provides a lot of information about each offer straight on the advertiser... .
3 Awin Wide range of commission rates. $30 2-tier commission.
They have an amazing directory under “Publisher > Advertiser Directory” on the top menu. The directory features all the advertisers / affiliate programs part of the network, and anyone can browse it without logging in. Make sure you set your preferred location by clicking on the flag icon at the top right of their site to... .
4 SellHealth 30% - 50% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.
The SellHealth affiliate network is only for health-related products. Their product categories are men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, anti-aging, skin care, hair care. Each product has a page with lots of info describing the product. Marketing material includes articles, full-page ads, logos, and banners. Great commission rates. Most of the products pay 30% revenue share... .
5 Sovrn //Commerce Wide range of commission rates.
You will also find lots and lots of other categories with affiliate programs part of this network. This includes top dating sites like Be2, C-Date, Be Naughty, Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, eHarmony. It is simply amazing how many brands and companies are part of this network. It can be a bit of a daunting... .
6 Share A Sale Wide range of commission rates.
The Share A Sale network has been around for a long time now and they have a lot of affiliate programs you can promote as a member. It is actually one of the world’s most popular affiliate networks at the moment. Their site looks a little simple and not too serious, but it is easy to... .
7 Market Health About $45 CPA and 50% revenue share on average. 5% 2-tier commission.
Promote lots of high-paying and exciting products related to health and beauty niches. You will find over 200 offers here that offer solutions to many different health problems. Some examples of offers available at this network is a new hair regrowth and preservation product (Provillus) with an impressive $60 CPA and a hair removal product... .
8 Health Trader 13% - 50% revenue share. 1% of orders 2-tier commission.
This affiliate network is available in several languages and so are the offers/programs part of the network (see the list of “target countries” below). There is also live support on the site that you can use if you have questions. Their affiliate managers offer free optimization tips, and other tips, in lots of different languages.... .
9 Gambling Affiliation Wide range of commission rates.
Another great affiliate network for gambling and online trading. Once you join the network you can sign up for the individual programs part of the network. To see the commissions and details about each program when browsing the offers you need to click on the little + button to the left of the program name. Lots... .
10 CPA Kitchen €30 - €140 CPA. 26% - 45% revenue share. 3% 2-tier commission.
I am happy to add this new affiliate network to the list of top gambling programs. They’ve got a fair number of offers already available for promotion in many countries. They even have got one that is accepting US traffic. Many of the offers are paying really high commissions of up to €140 per referred... .
11 Armorica Up to 45% revenue share and $75 CPA.
Armorica is a small new affiliate network currently consisting of 40 brands for affiliates to promote. You can actually browse all of their offers before registering your account which is great. More networks should do this. Just click on the Brands link at the top of their website to see all of their offers. At... .
12 MaxBounty Wide range of commission rates. 5% 2-tier commission for 1 year.
This is a very popular affiliate network with global offers. This network is packed with over 200 dating programs. The highest EPC ones are at the moment Elite Singles with their $6 PPL offer, with their $160 PPL offer, and Ashley Madison and their $125 PPL offer. You will also find over 250 eCommerce... .
13 vCommission Wide range of commission rates. 5% 2-tier revenue share for gambling offers.
vCommission is India’s largest affiliate network, boasting more than 18,000 publishers, 500 merchants and have been in business for more than 10 years. They’ve got lots of gambling offers for Indian traffic, as well as for EU, UK, US, and Scandinavian traffic. Several casino sites paying $150 CPA. You’ll also find an assortment of other... .
14 JVZoo 35% - 50% revenue share for most products. $0.10 per sale 2-tier commission.
There are lots of products you can promote within this affiliate network. The top offers have classic one-page affiliate landing pages with sales copy and large call to action buttons. They also focus on product launches. You will often not only get a commission for the initial sale but also from upsells and recurring charges.... .
15 Commissionfactory Wide range of commission rates.
This is a hugely popular affiliate network with mainly Australian offers. You’ll find about 570 affiliate programs part of the network at this time. Some are accepting global traffic while most of them focus on the Australian market. New ones are added almost daily. You can browse all the programs before you join with their... .
16 Travelpayouts 1% - 12.5%. 5% 2-tier commission.
This is a nice and modern advanced, but easy to use, affiliate network with lots of possibilities and decent commissions including a good 2-tier program. If you have a business, holiday, or travel-related traffic, or want to get it, you can use this affiliate program to easily create your own branded flights and hotel search... .
17 Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten marketing is an awarded global affiliate network that has been voten the #1 network 7 years in a row. However their affiliate interface is a little outdated. It is very easy and practical in use though. I like that their advanced advertiser search can filter by banner sizes. Currently you’ll find 1.100 advertisers for... .
18 Tradedoubler
Tradedoubler is an affiliate network with offices around Europe and one in Singapore as well. Tradedoubler is most popular in Spain, Poland, France, Italy, and Germany. It has affiliates from many more countries than those five also. I find the program search function within the publisher dashboard outdated and looks a little bit like it... .
19 Avangate
Once joined and logged in you can choose to search for affiliate programs by merchant name or product name. It is a little hard to navigate and find the best programs, unless you know exactly what to search for. It is however also possible to filter by some categories and browse that way. Many of... .
20 ClickBank Wide range of commission rates.
The list of affiliate programs is easy to navigate and shows useful information like average commission per sale and it also links to each program’s external landing page. Those landing pages are great resources for additional information about the affiliate programs and products. This network is packed with thousands of products to promote. For mostly... .