Sexual Health

Here are some of the best sex-related affiliate programs and networks. Get paid high commissions of up to almost $300!

Notice: We may earn commissions for sending new affiliates to some of these affiliate programs.
List of 7 Top Sexual Health Affiliate Programs
Program Commission
SellHealth 30% - 50% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.
Sexual Health is one of the main categories part of this network. There are a total of 26 different offers to promote. The commission rate is a decent 40% for every offer. The amount you can earn per sale is advertised to be up to $295. Read more.
Market Health About $45 CPA and 50% revenue share on average. 5% 2-tier commission.
There are 19 sexual health-related offers to promote with Market Health at the time being. This includes a $40 CPA breast enhancement system, a product that increases sexual performance and desire that pays $30 CPA, in addition to several $45 CPA offers. Read more.
Share A Sale Varying commission rates.
The sexual health category at Share A Sales features 24 offers you can promote. Commission rates are between 5% and 20%. Read more.
ClickBank Varying commission rates.
The men's health category on ClickBank features over 90 affiliate programs. This includes some sexual health programs like Hard Wood Tonic with an avg. commission of $45 per sale, Ejaculation by command: Hot Offer For Lasting Longer In Bed ($25), and Ed Elixir The Most Explosive New Men's Health Offer ($33). Read more.
Health Trader 13% - 50% revenue share. 1% of orders 2-tier commission.
There is just one sexual health offer part of this network. This is called Cilexin and is a natural male performance formula to support male arousal, sexual mood, and sexual health. It pays 45%. Read more.
MoreNiche 20% - 40% revenue share.
MoreNiche is a very popular affiliate network. It has a pretty limited selection of affiliate programs to promote though. The categories of programs here are adult, beauty, bodybuilding, health, and weight loss. There are 7 weight loss affiliate programs here for European GEOs and North American GEOs. The adult category features 3 affiliate programs all... Read more.
vCommission Various commissions for each program. 5% 2-tier revenue share for gambling offers.
vCommission is India’s largest affiliate network, boasting more than 18,000 publishers, 500 merchants and have been in business for more than 10 years. They’ve got lots of gambling offers for Indian traffic, as well as for EU, UK, US, and Scandinavian traffic. Several casino sites paying $150 CPA. You’ll also find an assortment of other... Read more.