List of the 5 Best Pharmacy Affiliate Programs

Notice: We earn commissions for referring affiliates to some of these affiliate programs.
1 Walmart 0% - 4% revenue share.
The Walmart online store features a large selection of health products. This includes supplements, pain relievers, weight management products, and much more. Walmart also features an online pharmacy. .
2 FlexOffers Wide range of commission rates. 2-tier scheme.
There are 26 pharmacy offers part of FlexOffers. Do a search on their site to find them. These offers can be promoted in a lot of GEOs including in the US. The pharmacy offers includes which pays 10% commission and which pays 6.4%. .
3 Health Trader 13% - 50% revenue share. 1% of orders 2-tier commission.
There are 5 pharmacy offers to promote with this network. Commission rates are 13% - 17% and accepted GEOs include the UK, Brazil, France, Denmark, and more. .
4 TradeTracker Wide range of commission rates.
This affiliate network is available with branches for many different countries in different languages. Their primary markets though are the UK and the EU. You can find affiliate programs for many niches, including online shops, fashion and jewelry, travel, trading, gambling, and much more. The UK part of the network has a massive selection of travel-related... .
5 CJ Wide range of commission rates.
CJ is a huge affiliate network featuring offers by a lot of the world’s most well-known brands, including global superstars like TripAdvisor,, and Their publisher (affiliate) control panel is very modern and pleasant to the eyes. Easy to use also and provides a lot of information about each offer straight on the advertiser... .