Get ADs for My (Your) Blog / Website

If you don’t already know about affiliate programs – With affiliate programs you can choose what products & shops to promote. You do not have to contact many different companies to ask about placing ads on your sites for a fixed cost. You simply join their affiliate program or affiliate network and  then you get payed for the ads based on how much revenue they generate. You can let the ads run for years and years or change every day, it is totally up to you. This is ideal for blogs and websites since you can match perfect advertisements with your website that are very relevant to the content and even the design of your site / blog. How much you can make depends only on your and your site or blog performance! Read more about choosing ads for your site.

What kind (category / topic) of site or blog you want to get ads for you will determine what affiliate programs you should advertise. Read on for some tips. We believe that going with the biggest and most popular programs is a great way to get started. These programs will supply you with the best looking ads and the most trusted and recognized brands.

Ads for different market categories

Check out our main menu just below the logo on the top of the page for programs for many categories. A good place to start can be to join an affiliate network. Then you will get access to many many affiliate programs with a single login. It will be easy to view stats and compare different ads performance.

Some networks are for specific categories of business like for instance Online Affiliate World which is for gambling and trading affiliate programs. Most networks though cater to all businesses.

If you know exactly what products or services you want ads for you should go to that site and look for a link that says “affiliate program”, “affiliate”, “webmaster”, “partner program” or similar to find their specific ads. The programs that are not part of a network may make you more money since they don’t have to pay fees to the company owning the affiliate network. Some programs offer both stand alone programs and then they are also part of a network. Then you can easily compare the different commissions they pay. Then again there have been reports of networks putting up really high commission values to attract affiliates while not tracking all clicks correctly, but that is another story and not a major problem in any way.

How much money can you make?

It is really no simple question to this. It depends on the niche of your site / blog and the amount of visitors you got and the quality of those visitors (spending willingness). Also your selection of ads is important to how much you can make. Some people do not make a single cent while others make more than they could every imagine. The most important factor is the amount of time you spend learning and producing quality unique content. Don’t give up quickly, take your time. Be happy you don’t have a boss barking at you while you work. Choose to work on topics which interest you the most for making working as fun as playing in the yard 😛 Read more about making money with affiliate programs.