List of the 12 Best Investing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing paying 25% recurring revenue share for gold investments, $788 CPA for investment tips, and even more for other programs.
Notice: We earn commissions for referring affiliates to some of these affiliate programs.
1 Robinhood $5 per signup, $20 per funded account.
Robinhood might be the world’s most popular online trading brand, considering how much free press they get all the time. Robinhood is famous for offering commission-free stock trading and investing. The company makes money by selling its customers orders. This has been controversial, but at least they are open about it and it enables them... .
2 Hodlnaut 10% recurring revenue share.
Hodlnaut has a great-looking website. They are not the most popular crypto lending and borrowing company, but they do look legit. They’ve got offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. The affiliate program looks really good with 10% recurring commission rates. That is 10% of the interest your referral makes. He/she needs to deposit a minimum... .
3 Simply Investing 20% recurring revenue share.
Simply Investing sells an online course related to investing. The course focuses on how to become a successful dividend investor using value investing techniques. The course is currently priced at $197. They also offer more expensive options priced at $297 (access to a forum and a monthly list of undervalued stocks) and $597 (60-minutes consultation... .
4 Capitalist Exploits $788 - $1,750 CPA.
Capitalist Exploits is highly rated on Trustpilot with 91% 5-star customer reviews. They have a really high paying affiliate program that you can use to sell their two high ticket investment products. Their Insider product gives subscribers access to professional fund manager Chris MacIntosh’s personal investment portfolio. Subscribers find out what he’s investing in, why... .
5 BullionVault 25% recurring revenue share. 6.25% 2-tier commission.
Precious metals are an important asset class for many investors looking to diversify their portfolios. BullionVault is the world’s largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 75,000 users. They’ve got several high-security vaults around the globe. Their services are highly rated with mostly 5-star reviews on the review website... .
6 RA Wealth Partners 1% - 3% recurring revenue share + $30 to $100 PPL. 1% - 2% 2-tier revenue share.
This is a high paying affiliate program for alternative investing in metals and cryptos by Regal Assets. Many high net worth individuals want to diversify their investment portfolios and add exposure to precious metals, like gold. With Regal Assets, they can. Many investors also want in on the crypto success wave, and Regal Assets is... .
7 eToro Partners $100 - $250 CPA.
eToro Partners is the affiliate program for what claims to be the top online social trading platform. It enables trading by following other good-performing traders on autopilot or getting followed yourself and earning money. So-called copy-trading. Traders can not only share their trades and trading charts but also comment and discuss what they share with... .
8 FlexOffers Wide range of commission rates. 2-tier scheme.
The Investment Services category at this network features 45 affiliate programs. You'll find some of the same programs that are also part of other networks here, including The Motley Fool program paying $112 CPA for their products called Rule Breakers, Stock Advisor, Stock Advisor CB, and Rule Your Retirement. Bitcoin IRA, which enables cryptocurrency investing with your IRA. They pay $40 CPA. In addition, there are many programs I've not seen anywhere else here, including the one for Robinhood which is a well-known commission-free stock trading and investing app. This one pays $4 per signup and $16 per funded account. Another one is the affiliate program also paying $16 per funded account. Another one that should be mentioned is the affiliate program for M1 which offers free investing, high yield checking, low rate borrowing, automation, and optimization. This one pays $80 of qualified fundings. .
9 TradingView 30% recurring revenue share.
TradingView offers super useful charts for stock traders. These charts are simply beautiful and advanced packed with functionality, yet really easy to use. You can layer multiple charts on top of each other and compare them easily. You can also add a huge number of technical indicators to the charts (depending on your subscription). They’ve... .
10 Share A Sale Wide range of commission rates.
I could find just 1 investing related affiliate program part of this network. That is the affiliate program for Finbox. Finbox is advertised to be "The Complete Toolbox For Investors" offering up-to-date information on any public company in the world. They pay affiliates a 20% commission rate. .
11 CJ Wide range of commission rates.
The Investment category at CJ features about 15 affiliate programs. Some of the highest earners include Zacks Trade which is a global, low-cost, online broker dedicated to traders and investors all over the world. SmartAsset, a platform that connects investors, soon-to-be-retirees, and retirees with financial advisors from across the country. DiversyFund, which offers a real estate fund that allows everyday people to invest in apartment complexes through their private real estate investment trust (REIT). Commission rates for these programs are between $40 and $80. There are also two new cryptocurrency programs here called Bitcoin IRA and Dchained that I want to mention. Bitcoin IRA offers a solution for investing in several cryptos with your IRA. They pay $50 CPA. Dchained offers crypto educational products and pays affiliates a commission of 10%. Another program you need to know is part of CJ is the one for Ally Invest. Ally Invest offers two services. Self-Directed Trading and Managed Portfolios. They pay up to $25 CPA. .
12 Awin Wide range of commission rates. $30 2-tier commission.
There is 9 savings and investments related affiliate programs part of Awin for the US GEO. This includes the affiliate program for The Motley Fool. The Motley Fool pays $100 CPA for several of its products. For the European GEOs, there are about 80 affiliate programs in the Saving & Investments category. This includes the affiliate program for Nutmeg (UK GEO) which is, according to them, one of the leading online investment management services. Placed under the 'robo-advisor' category of investing. They offer commissions of £40 - £80 CPA. Another one is the affiliate program for Fidelity ISA (UK GEO) which offers "an easy-to-manage, tax-efficient Stocks and Shares ISA". They pay £1 - £100 CPA. .

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