If you are interested in affiliate marketing as a beginner looking to earn money online or if you already have begun earning that affiliate income you might have some questions.

I've decided to answer a bunch of questions that I see people ask online related to affiliate marketing.

As I've been an active affiliate since 2008 I feel I got pretty good answers to at least some of the questions new affiliates are asking.

26 Frequently Asked Affiliate Marketing Questions
Question Answer
Is affiliate marketing hard? It could be easy or it could be hard. I would say it is easy to learn and hard to... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing passive income? It can be passive income. If you put in the work initially to make a website that gets free search... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing profitable? That depends. Like with any business in any category: Whether or not you will be profitable is mainly dependant on... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing for beginners? Yes, it is perfectly suitable for beginners. Affiliate marketing basics are easy to understand just by reading a bit online,... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing dead? No, definitely not. Almost every business that sells products online has an affiliate program that you can participate in. Another... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing worth it? Yes, definitely. A few of the reasons why it is worth it to me: Anyone can become an affiliate. All... Full answer.