Is affiliate marketing dead?

No, definitely not. Almost every business that sells products online has an affiliate program that you can participate in.

Another thing that shows affiliate marketing is alive and well and that it is actually doing better than ever is looking at the popularity of that term in Google Trends. It shows that the term “affiliate marketing” has close to doubled in popularity in Google search over the last 5 years (2014 – 2019).

As you can see from the chart more people are searching for “affiliate marketing” on Google now than at any time in the past.

So, that is a pretty good indication that affiliate marketing is as hot as ever.

However, it might be a more established business than a few years ago. There are more websites competing for the “money terms” than before and it can be harder to generate steady traffic for these terms in search for new affiliate websites.

I would stress though that affiliate marketing is not dead. You can still make really good money if you put in time and effort.

Ranking new websites and getting traffic from SEO efforts can take a year or two years. Longer than before. But if your website content is good and you manage to get some good links pointing I see no reason why you eventually won’t start ranking and getting that sweet free and targeted traffic from Google than can generate affiliate sales for a long time.

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Author photoThis question was answered by Aleksander Blomquist. He started out with affiliate marketing back in 2008. As of 2020, he is a full-time affiliate marketing guy with two businesses focusing on creating websites from scratch and monetizing them with affiliate programs.