How to do SEO for affiliate marketing?

SEO is probably the single most important skill when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing. Once you have a website up and running with affiliate marketing ads on it SEO can bring you free traffic that converts.

Why does SEO traffic convert you might ask. Well, because people searching for solutions in the search engines that land on your website is targeted. Targeted means that they are actually actively looking for solutions that your affiliate offers can solve.

Learning the basics of SEO is not that hard. And best of all – totally free. Check out these free SEO training resources:

Once you learn the basics I would suggest investing in a premium SEO tool. I’ve been a SEMRush (sponsored link) customer myself for a long time and I would vouch for them. You can try them out with their free trial.

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Author photoThis question was answered by Aleksander Blomquist. He started out with affiliate marketing back in 2008. As of 2020, he is a full-time affiliate marketing guy with two businesses focusing on creating websites from scratch and monetizing them with affiliate programs.