If you are interested in affiliate marketing as a beginner looking to earn money online or if you already have begun earning that affiliate income you might have some questions.

I've decided to answer a bunch of questions that I see people ask online related to affiliate marketing.

As I've been an active affiliate since 2008 I feel I got pretty good answers to at least some of the questions new affiliates are asking.

26 Frequently Asked Affiliate Marketing Questions
Question Answer
How much can one earn from affiliate marketing? The sky is the limit! Just look at a well-known affiliate marketer like John Chow who went from an industry... Full answer.
Do affiliate marketers pay taxes? Yes. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing. Not too exotic. Just like any other profitable business, an affiliate marketing... Full answer.
Why is affiliate marketing a favorable form of marketing? The 5 main reasons I love affiliate marketing is: It allows for the promotion of a specific offer that fits... Full answer.
How long does affiliate marketing take? I would say that you need to expect to spend roughly one year on a brand new website until it... Full answer.
How to create content for affiliate marketing? Content creation is one of the most important things when it comes to affiliate marketing. You want to offer value... Full answer.
What’s the difference? Affiliate marketing and dropshipping. The difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping is that with dropshipping you are actually selling goods (even though they are... Full answer.
How to do SEO for affiliate marketing? SEO is probably the single most important skill when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing. Once you... Full answer.
How to make money with affiliate marketing? Basically, you need to join an affiliate program, send traffic to your affiliate links, generate enough sales and commissions to... Full answer.
How do affiliate programs work? Once accepted to join an affiliate program you can log in and access the marketing material that is available. Some... Full answer.
How does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate marketing is a new form of marketing where businesses can enable anyone to promote their products on the internet... Full answer.
Can affiliate marketing make money? Yes. Affiliate marketing can even be hugely profitable. Just look at John Chow who went from an industry unknown to... Full answer.
Can affiliate marketing be a career? Yes, indeed. It can become a source of income and once you earn enough it could be a job. Once... Full answer.
Can affiliate marketing be done without a website? Yes, you could promote affiliate programs on social media or with email or even paid ads. You would need to... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing work? Yes, it is work. However, it could turn in to mostly passive recurring income after a while of initial work.... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing a waste of time? No, not at all. Some of the reasons why: Work from home Set your own hours Be your own boss... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing business? You could start out as an affiliate without a business and register one when you start to earn money. However,... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing free? Yes and no. Most affiliate programs and networks are free to join. However, you will often need a website to... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing real? It is real, yes. Some of the high commission rates may seem impossible to achieve and unreal at first, but... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme? No. Well, I don’t know if that answer applies to every single affiliate program out there, as there are so... Full answer.
Is affiliate marketing legit? Yes, affiliate marketing is fully legal. In fact, it is just another way of doing marketing for companies. Note though... Full answer.