List of the 9 Best Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs

Notice: We earn commissions for referring affiliates to some of these affiliate programs.
1 KuCoin Up to 40% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.
KuCoin is one of the most popular crypto spot exchanges and derivatives trading sites. They claim that 1 in 4 crypto holders worldwide is with KuCoin. KuCoin offer 24/7 customer support and communities in a lot of different languages on Telegram and other social media sites. The KuCoin affiliate program offers great commission rates of... .
2 FTX 25% - 40% revenue share for 6 months.
FTX is a very popular crypto trading site and exchange. It is one of the top 10 spot exchanges and top 2 derivative exchanges, according to CoinGecko. The affiliate program is not my favorite one though. To get higher than 25% revenue share you need to be staking more than 25 FTT (FTX Tokens). To... .
3 OKEx Up to 30% share of trading fees. New affiliates need to send 10 referrals to qualify.
This is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. They also offer a range of services, including interest on crypto investments and Bitcoin and USDT borrowing. You can only earn commission on trading fees at the moment though. A bit of a letdown. I’d like to see some commission for referring borrowers and investors looking for... .
4 Kraken 20% recurring revenue share.
Kraken is ranked as the #4 most popular cryptocurrency spot exchange at CoinMarketCap. If you’re looking to make money by promoting crypto affiliate programs, you need to check this one out. As their affiliate, you can earn 20% recurring revenue share for the life of your referral. I don’t know if they pay for their... .
5 CoinLoan 0.1% - 0.2% recurring CPA.
CoinLoan is a popular crypto lending and borrowing company. They offer a crypto exchange for buying and selling and swapping cryptocurrencies, interest-earning accounts, and crypto-backed loans. You’ll get paid recurring commission rates depending on what your referrals do. 0.2% of every exchange amount, 0.2% of every loan amount, and 0.1% monthly of every interest account... .
6 Bityard 5% - 60% revenue share.
Bityard claims to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange. They are headquartered in Singapore and accept traders from over 150 countries. They’ve got over 100,000 traders using their services. They offer up to 100 leverage when trading Bitcoin, 80 for Ethereum, 50 for Dash, and other cryptocurrencies. Their affiliate program looks great with high... .
7 Deribit 10% - 20% revenue share.
This is another top cryptocurrency trading affiliate program. Deribit is by far the most popular crypto options trading site. Besides options, Deribit also enables Bitcoin and Ethereum trading with perpetual swaps and futures. Up to 100x leverage. They offer a 20% revenue share for the first 6 months, then it goes down to 10%. You... .
8 AAX 20% - 40% revenue share. 10% 2-tier commission.
The AAX affiliate program is a great one with high commission rates for high performing affiliates. They offer 6 tiers of commission rates. The revenue share you can earn is between 20% and 40% depending on your performance. Their sub-affiliate scheme is fixed at 10% which is awesome. I believe they offer recurring revenue for... .
9 Coinbase 50% revenue share for 3 months.
Coinbase is one of the most famous brands related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They offer a way to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a wallet to store cryptocurrencies, and a service called Coinbase Pro which is a cryptocurrency exchange allowing for cryptocurrency trading. You can earn 50% of their fees for new customers.... .