Venturing Into The High Paying CFD Trading Niche

Published: February 22, 2021 - Updated: March 12, 2023 - By: Aleksander

Online trading illustration

I’ve been promoting CFD trading affiliate programs on this website for years now. I’ve been excited to do so, mainly because the CFD niche looks to be one of the highest paying niches in affiliate marketing, with some programs paying CPA rates of up to $1,000.

Many of these affiliate programs also feature great 2-tier schemes.

However, I’ve not tried recruiting new traders for the CFD brokers myself until about 10 days ago. Then I started a new website called CFD Trading Platforms which became Otrai. It features many of the best options for traders looking for the best CFD trading platforms in various GEOs.

I stared a couple of micro sites to promote the CFD affiliate programs, but I have since moved and combined most of the content at This makes it easier to manage, and it allowed for me to make a bit more of a technically advanced solution, which was fun and gave the site more functions. And again, the solution I coded made it easier for me and a freelancer to manage the site.

I have no idea how many people sign up for these services every week. And I am not sure how tough the competition is either.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to write a follow-up blog post when I’ve been at this for a while.

Note that CFD trading is not allowed in certain countries. This does unfortunately include the US. The different CFD brokers have different affiliate commission schemes. Some of them focus on certain GEOs with high rates, but pay low commission for traders from other GEOs. Each broker have a different set of commission rates.

You should also be aware that most of these affiliate programs allow for, or in some cases require, that you negotiate what commission rates you’ll get.

For me, I just accepted whatever I was offered, considering my websites are new in this niche and I can’t really expect to drive much traffic and sales already. Therefor, just getting a decent deal and being accepted to join the affiliate programs is enough to get started.