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Published: April 1, 2019 - Updated: May 14, 2023 - By: Aleksander

ToolsThis post contains sponsored links to some of our affiliate partners. We may make a commission if you click on any of the below links and make a purchase.

Every professional needs high-quality tools to perform their tasks in the best possible ways and affiliate marketing is no different. Here I will post lots of important and useful links to resources, tools, and guides that can help you make more money as a webmaster and affiliate marketing guy/gal. The list will get updated with new additions over time, and I will always try to always keep it fresh with the best suggestions I have.

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Web hosting resources

The first step to making money online with affiliate programs is to create a website where you can promote affiliate programs. For that, you would need to sign up for a web hosting plan by a good web hosting company that will be hosting your website on their servers and provide you with free tech support when needed.

Hostwinds – Cheap quality web hosting with great guarantees

Hostwinds has several cheap web hosting plans you can choose from. I would suggest going with a shared hosting plan if you are just starting out. The “Ultimate” plan allows for unlimited domains (websites) @ $6.5 per month. If you are creating less than 4 websites or just 1 website you can choose one of the even cheaper web hosting plans – but think it through because I know I really appreciate the ability to create new websites whenever I feel like it. You will also find high-value VPS (from $7.5 – $88.5/mo) and dedicated servers (from $99 – $1000/mo) here. Allows adult content.

Hostwinds are so confident with their quality that they offer some of the best customer guarantees (just beaten by Dreamhost, below) that I have seen anywhere – 60 days money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PS. Web hosting affiliate programs are paying high commissions, and if you got webmaster, web design traffic, or similar you could monetize with these programs.

Cloudflare – Website security and loading speed benefits. Global CDN provider

Hide your website IP address and DNS servers for free with Cloudflare. Security is a very important topic to take seriously and it may save you a lot of potential headaches at the most inconvenient times if you do so. You can also enjoy loading speed improvements for your sites globally by using their free CDN. This is very easy to set up with Cloudflare.

Website creation tools & resources

WordPress – Free website and blogging software

Once you have a hosting plan you can deploy an installation of WordPress and you will have your website online in 5 minutes (maybe 10 – 30 if it’s your first one). The most popular website creation and management system out there.

It is very easy to use and has tons of functionality thanks to the very large number of users and contributors. You can troubleshoot most problems you run into regarding WordPress with Google. There are questions and answers out there for most issues.

There’s also a lot of free and premium plugins that you can install to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.

Theme Forest – Professional web design @ cheap prices

If you want to create a good impression and stand out with great web design on your website you should check out Theme Forest for thousands of different ready to deploy web designs, including WordPress themes.

WordPress affiliate plugins

Most affiliate marketing guys and gals use WordPress for their websites and blogs. The functionality of WordPress is just amazing.

Redirection – Keep track of your link clicks and hide long and ugly affiliate URLs

100% free tool that does just those two tasks very well. You could also check out another plugin that does the same but has more functionality built into it and a premium version also. That plugin is called ThirstyAffiliates. There are other options out there as well.

Yoast SEO – SEO for WordPress for free

Maybe this should be listed under “SEO tools” below instead? Anyways this is a great tool that you can use to change page titles and descriptions making it easy to optimize your category pages, tag pages and homepage, and individual pages and posts for more keywords and higher SERP CTR. Free tool.

Webmaster tools & resources

Owning and operating a website makes you a webmaster. You might not want to spend a lot of time managing your websites technically, and just want them to be fast and to always be online. Luckily most of the top web hosts based online offers free 24/7 tech support for the novice webmaster to the pro.

Anyways, there are lots of aspects of being a webmaster, including content writing, and staying on top of website performance and stats.

Google Analytics – Free website traffic statistics

An advanced but easy to use tool – at least the basics – from Google. Track your website and see which content gets the most traffic and where the traffic is coming from. You can also track clicks on affiliate advertisements and other links with “event tracking” and you can integrate it with Google AdSense to see what content is generating AdSense revenue.

Stack Exchange – Online webmaster Q & A community

This is a great site where you can find answers to lots of technical web development-related questions. If there are no answers already you can join and ask a new question for free. Be careful that you write your question in a way that it is easy to understand exactly what you need to know.

Iconfinder – FREE and non-free icons

This website is packed with free icons you can use for your websites. I like to use this website for free favicons and small illustrations on my websites. They also have premium subscriptions. You can get 50% off your first month by using my sponsored link.

Adobe Stock – Stock photos, illustrations, and templates

Having some photos to go with text-based content makes a huge difference. This is just one of the online resources for photos and illustrations. It also has .psd and .ai templates that you can use with Photoshop and Illustrator though, which is why I have decided to be their customer over one of their competitors.

Content writing tools

Grammarly – FREE and non-free grammar check

This tool is one of my latest finds and already one of my favorites. Maybe first of all because I am not a native English speaker, and secondly because I am not the best writer out there, and thirdly because I do write a lot of content. After installing Grammarly I went through previously written content. I found lots of embarrassing types that would be easily avoidable with Grammarly.

This tool is not currently supported by the new Gutenberg editor, so you would need to use a plugin that changes the editor to the classic one. You could use the Disable Gutenberg plugin by Jeff Starr.

SEO tools & resources

Optimizing your websites for search engines like Google can give you a lot of highly targeted free traffic. Learn how to please the search engines with the way you create content and marketing strategies for your websites.

SEM Rush – Keep track of your search engine rankings and get SEO tips

This is a first-class tool for everything related to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You can try out some of its features for free. You will find lots of high-quality learning material on their free YouTube channel.

Browseo – Check how Google sees your website

Google does not read script content and flash and your website might look very different for your visitors than for the Google spiders. Free tool.

Moz Blog – The latest news from the SEO world

One of the largest authorities online in the SEO field. Lots of interesting reads here with data-based SEO methods. They are almost more like scientists than marketers. Easy to read and understand though. Also, check out their Whiteboard Friday with new great whiteboard lectures every Friday. They also have a great tool for keywords research that tells you the number of searchers queries gets and shows you lots of similar searches also. And a tool for checking links to a specific website or web page. These are free tools but are limited to only a few uses per day.

Google Search Console – Track your traffic and errors with this free tool

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. You can track your search traffic and see what queries are giving you traffic from Google search. You’ll also get alerts in case of an increasing number of 404 errors, mobile usability issues, and more. A great free tool for every website and blog owner.

Google Trends – See what searches are trending and check query statistics

You can check the search traffic potential for different keywords and phrases with Google Trends. Also, a great way to find similar queries. You could use this tool to find out what topics are trending in search, which can be valuable to know if you are writing about news or celebrity gossip or other topics with high short term popularity.

What’s my SERP – Google SEO position tracking

A free tool for tracking positions in Google search. You can choose the local version of Google you are targeting with your site. Each keyword tracks up to position 300 which is great. However, the tool is sometimes slow and will sometimes not find your position at all. It’s a great tool considering that it is free though.

Affiliate ad banner editing tools

Pixlr – Free online image editing tool

With this tool, you can make changes to images like banners and other web graphics easily in your internet browser.

SEM & SEO Blogs & Podcasts

I find myself continually trying to learn more about SEO and SEM. I think at least SEO is one of the most important things to know to create long term recurring affiliate marketing revenue.

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