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Published: March 28, 2019 - Updated: June 18, 2019 - By: Lars A. Blomquist


If you are interested in affiliate marketing as a beginner looking to earn money online or if you already have begun earning that affiliate income you might have some questions. In this FAQ I will try to answer many of the most frequently asked questions online regarding affiliate marketing.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Yes, definitely. A few of the reasons why it is worth it to me:

  • Anyone can become an affiliate.
  • All you need is a computer and an internet connection.
  • Work from home.
  • No limit on how much you earn.
  • You are rewarded for your performance.
  • You can use promote mostly any kind of products.

Is affiliate marketing dead?

No, definitely not. Almost every business that sells products online has an affiliate program that you can participate in.

Another thing that shows affiliate marketing is alive and well and that it is actually doing better than ever is looking at the popularity of that term in Google Trends. It shows that the term “affiliate marketing” has close to doubled in popularity in Google search over the last 5 years (2014 – 2019).

Is affiliate marketing legit?

Yes, affiliate marketing it fully legal. In fact, it is just another way of doing marketing for companies.

Note though that each affiliate program has its own set of rules that you need to follow when promoting their products and services. This often includes restricted search engine marketing keywords and whether or not email marketing and social media marketing is allowed.

And note also that there are rules that apply to affiliate marketing like informing your readers on the same page as you promote your affiliate links that your content, in fact, contains ads / sponsored content. You should also not make false claims or fake reviews to try and sell more. Neither should you send unsolicited emails, often regarded as spam, containing affiliate marketing links.

Is affiliate marketing profitable?

That depends. Like with any business in any category: Whether or not you will be profitable is simply dependant on your skills.

The skills that will determine if you make or lose money or time doing affiliate marketing could be your search engine marketing skills, your general online marketing skills, your content writing skills, your level of persistence and commitment to become profitable, or your ability to hire the right people to help you achieve profitability.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

It could be easy or it could be hard. I would say it is easy to learn and hard to master, similar to some board games.

Signing up to affiliate programs is definitely easy. Note that many programs require you to have a website already with some quality content on it. So it might be a smart move to start out by creating your website before applying for programs. Some might also require that you have a company set up, but most don’t.

Read more about how to do affiliate marketing. Find affiliate programs to join here.

The easiest way to start earning affiliate income could be to start a blog and write content about a particular niche that interests you. It should be interesting enough for you to do research and write content about over time. Your writing skills might be the most important skill at first.

You do not need any technical skills to get your first website up and running. It does only require a minor investment of time and money.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

No. Well, I don’t know if that answer applies to every single affiliate program out there, as there are so many. But basically, a pyramid scheme requires new members to pay to join. And then that payment is shared amongst the recruiters. The new member can then recruit new members herself and earn money based on their fee to join.

Affiliate programs, on the other hand, are generally are free to join and earnings are generated from sales of actual products and services. Some affiliate programs might have 2-tiers but again, affiliates participating in those also earn money based on sales of actual products and services by their referrals.

Is affiliate marketing real?

It is real, yes. Some of the high commission rates may seem impossible to achieve and unreal at first, but once you have worked for a while and are generating clicks on your affiliate links regularly, you could very well also begin to see sales occur every now and then. Which in turn could result in payments of real money to your PayPal or directly to your bank account.

Is affiliate marketing free?

Yes and no. Most affiliate programs and networks are free to join.

However, you will often need a website to get approved to promote the programs. If you do not already have a website you would need to purchase web hosting. Web hosting for beginners costs about $5/mo.

Once you have a website you can generate search engine traffic to it for free that is suitable to your content and affiliate offers.

If you would like to get traffic faster than search engines deliver it to you (which can take a while) you would need to purchase ad spots, PPC ads, or sponsored blog post on other websites.

You could also promote your website for free writing guest posts on other blogs with links back to your websites.

Is affiliate marketing business?

You could start out as an affiliate without a business and register one when you start to earn money.

However, some programs require you to have a business registered to join them.

Having a business can also be beneficial so you can deduct costs related to promoting your websites and affiliate offers.

Is affiliate marketing a waste of time?

No, not at all.

Some of the reasons why:

  • Work from home.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Work with topics of your choice.

Is affiliate marketing passive income?

It can be passive income. If you put in the work initially to make a website that gets free search engine traffic every day it could make you pretty passive income for a long time.

It can take time though to create a website with good quality content, and then it takes some time to rank in the search engines.

Also, note that it requires a bit of work every now and then to keep your content up to date which can be required to keep your free traffic coming in.

It is also required to do some work related to renewal of your domains, web hosting account and maybe some tech support related to optimizing and keeping your websites online.

There could also be work related to bookkeeping of earnings and expenses and such.

The two most important skills for making passive income with affiliate marketing, I would say, is writing skills and SEO skills. You could learn those skills as you go though. The most important thing is just to get started and also having a bit of dedication to keep trying for a while.

Is affiliate marketing for beginners?

Yes, it is perfectly suitable for beginners. Affiliate marketing basics are easy to understand just by reading a bit online, like this FAQ, for instance, and trying and failing for a while.

You might already have knowledge about a topic that you could write content about and promote products related to which would be way more important than knowing the ins and outs of affiliate marketing from the start.

Is affiliate marketing work?

Yes, it is work. However, it could turn in to mostly passive recurring income after a while of initial work. (see the “is affiliate marketing passive income” question above).

Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?

Yes, you could promote affiliate programs on social media or with email or even paid ads. You would need to carefully check the terms (or ask affiliate support) for each program to make sure that they allow for such marketing.

Can affiliate marketing be a career?

Yes, indeed. It can become a source of income and once you earn enough it could be a job. Once it is a job for you, and you earn enough to work with affiliate marketing full time, it would be like a career in that you can increase your income based on the performance of your work.

Can affiliate marketing make money?

Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing. Myself, I earn my full income from affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a new form of marketing where businesses can enable anyone to promote their products on the internet as they are just obliged to pay based on performance.

Businesses set their own rules and choose themselves how well they pay their affiliates. Affiliates are those that promote their business.

To enable affiliate marketing for a business and its products and services, they would need to create an affiliate program. Affiliate programs consist of an online dashboard where affiliates can sign up and log in and find marketing material.

How do affiliate programs work?

Once accepted to join an affiliate program you can log in and access the marketing material that is available. Some affiliate programs have way more than others. Every affiliate program would at least have a link that you could use to track the leads and sales you generate from your effort.

Stats of your performance and earnings are gathered automatically when you use the marketing material found after logging in to the affiliate program.

The rules of an affiliate program and the commission rates (how much you earn for generating sales and leads) is set by the company that owns the affiliate program. The commission rates sometimes are higher for top performing affiliates.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Basically, you need to join an affiliate program, send traffic to your affiliate links, generate enough sales and commissions to qualify for a payout to your PayPal or bank account.

This is a very simpl

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