3 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Published: November 13, 2020 - Updated: November 13, 2020 - By: Aleksander

Being a website owner and professional affiliate myself I want to share some tips with you that are just starting out trying to make those awesome recurring affiliate marketing income.

#1 – Learn SEO

Getting traffic from search engines is awesome for generating affiliate sales. This is because this is targeted traffic searching for the kind of solutions you provide.

Besides converting well this is free traffic that can be recurring for a long time.

You can learn SEO for free. There are lots of YouTube channels, blogs, and podcasts giving you all the advice you need to get good traffic from search.

Check out my tips for how to do SEO for affiliates.

#2 – Give yourself enough time

Getting traffic for new websites can take a long time. Seeing results in Google rankings can take months and if you give up and delete your website too soon you might miss out on what had great potential.

If you lose motivation and belief that you will eventually get there, I would suggest taking a break or starting a new project. See tip #3 below.

#3 – Try multiple times

Even though you can’t get one website to rank and earn you any money doesnæt mean that you can’t get it to work with another type of website.

I myself, get sick of one website project after a while and need to change to focus on another website every once in a while. After a few months, coming back to the other website I might have new ideas for content and new energy to create it.

Also, you will see what has started to rank in Google and drive traffic and impressions already in Google Search Console.

I would suggest seeing what terms bring you the most traffic and impressions. This will reveal what you could create new content about what and what terms that existing content has already started to rank for. Sometimes you’ll see existing content ranking on page 2 for terms that you can optimize a bit to get to page 1 quite easily.

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