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He started out with affiliate marketing back in 2007. As of 2020, he is a full-time affiliate marketing guy with two businesses focusing on creating websites from scratch and monetizing them with affiliate programs.

About the website

On this website, you can find a pretty carefully curated list of the best affiliate programs for the best products and services with great offers and high affiliate rewards.

What decides if a program is good enough to get listed here is the quality and fame of the products or services that you can promote with the program, as well as the commission rates that they offer affiliates.

Having a lot of great marketing material or a good 2-tier program could also be reasons to get included here.

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This website is monetized with affiliate offers. That should be pretty obvious for this kind of website, and you probably know what that means.

It means that some listings, of affiliate programs and other things, on this website are sponsored with affiliate links. When our visitors click on those links and perform certain tasks, such as (but not limited to) purchasing something or signing up and promoting the affiliate program, we might earn commissions.

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